Frequently Asked Questions

Classified advertisement is a type of advertising that is especially popular in free-of - charge newspapers, internet and other print media. Listed ads are much cheaper than big display advertising used by companies, while more common display advertisements are.


How do I place a Classified Listing?

Click on the Post Ad button in the Classified section and follow the guidelines if you've never posted an ad with us before, (or participated in the Forum). You can create account in Outon and manage your ads very easily.

Placing an Outon ad helps you to direct your ad to a particular audience. A listing with the Outon, unlike other classified ad sources (local newspaper, other internet classified pages, etc.), gives you visibility to people who will be more interested in your message.

Our main service features are

  • Institute a unified procurement policy to encourage behavioral change and drive reform.
  • Establish a lean, dynamic organization capable of continuous innovation and market driven decision making.
  • Build an easy to use, fully automated, trust based platform to ensure transparency and efficiency in procurement.
  • Demonstrate commitment to delivering value by ensuring right quality at right price.
  • Create a sustainable ecosystem covering all stakeholders and driving inclusive development in Kerala.


The Outon approving the ad would post the ad online within 24 hours .


Our sellers are professionals, so you know you're buying from an established company or sole trader rather than an individual. You can read reviews of our sellers and their products to help you make an informed decision about your purchase.

Your money and personal details are kept safe: every transaction you make on Outon will be protected with advanced data encryption and subject to their thorough security checks to prevent fraud, email phishing and identity theft. Proper encryption will securely hold your money until your item is dispatched - and that's not all!

Click on the Post Ad button in the Classified section and follow the guidelines if you've never posted an ad with us before, (or participated in the Forum). You can create account in Outon and manage your ads very easily.

* It’s worth selling.

* Trusted Payment to help safe way to buy & sell.

* No Fraudulent services.

* No compromise in Quality.

* Easy, fast listing, list a car in under 60 seconds.

* Higher Profits.

  • No need to spend money for meet your need.
  • Able to save time comparing any other advertising platforms.
  • Possible to focusing on your targeting and potential audience. Locality based visibility helps to target specific audience and reduce the effort.
  • Radio and TV ads is all well and fine, but it's not necessarily up to future buyers. When someone has a leak and wants to call a plumber, they won't turn on the radio and wait until they hear an ad for one. Potential buyers will check for you all the time your ad is live online, even as long as your print ad is lying around.
  • Outon allow prospective clients to directly contact advertisers via websites. This ensures that customers who are searching for the products or services that you are offering will make a request easily by pressing a contact on a mobile or chating directly throught website.
  • One of the main advantages of online ads is its cost-efficiency. You don't have to pay huge amount of money to sell your goods and services in comparison to most traditional approaches. Promoting their business online is cheap and inexpensive for the advertisers.
  • Online advertising is helping you attract the best audience. It attracts people who are more likely to have an interest in what you sell.
  • The Internet is the best platform for having the target audience engaged. Do extensive research on the target customers to figure out what types of goods and services they are looking for, and what they are asking with their purchases. So prepare the marketing campaigns.
  • Using online analytics software, you can decipher which techniques work for you, and which ones do not. You will evaluate consumer data such as keyword data , and make the requisite improvements further. You can easily monitor the conversion and calculate your campaign performance.
  • Traditional advertisement is so long, which takes a lot of time. But you start collecting eligible leads in online advertisement the moment you launch your ad campaign. That helps you to quickly achieve your goals.